I’ve researched on IT for about 5 years, since the time I was 10 years old.

From an ordinary user who knows nothing on IT, to be a man out of the Great Firewall of China.

This cost me three years.

The years before I was out of the wall, I was fond of reading computer science books, e.g. 8086 Assembly.

After that, the internet developed rapidly, the wall became AI powered, and I started to be busy with school work.

Interestingly, there was almost no copyright in China berfore 2016, which makes us easy to find any books or softwares, apparently the p2p networks were rather popular.

It is a pity all the networks were shutdown several years later.

When I was a child, I was boring, and now I found It’s best to devote your self into something benefits the world, but I don’t have much free time to do now.

What about your values and faith ?

The science fiction called Three Body, has greatly influenced my values.

I became a nihilist and atheist.

Regarding politics, I have no point, but this is the point.

I don’t care about that, except for the things concern my own interests.

I’m neutral, basically.

Politics is meaningless, because you will never know what is true and what is lie.

What do you think of FaLunGong ?

Disgusting, but the people who even believe in that ridiculous stuff, are also unreasonable.

They have been polluting ZeroNet half a year ago, as ZeroNet was being blocked in China, they stopped.

Why do you keep anonymous ?

Some people who don’t live in China ask me about anonymity.

I was confused at first, but I soon realized that only China has such a serious internet censorship, which they hadn’t experienced.

What does the name ‘blurHY’ stand for ?

I thought of this word when I was just ten, by using some translating software and looking up in the dictionary with the word ‘blurry’.

It is used to express some philosophy thoughts, and now It also refers to anonymity, hacker, or what.

The avatar is originally from a sticker called Huaji (funny), I’ve turned it into a square face, for unknown reason, just making a difference maybe.

Though it’s named ‘funny’, but quite meaningful.



至于他推荐 FLG 软件,就有严重嫌疑。连一所谓“大佬”都识不出 FLG 的伎俩。