Networks like BitTorrent and IPFS, are voluntary, which means you are not directly paid with anything.

This sounds like communism, but it also makes rare resources hard to download.

Though there are improvements to prioritize rare files and and punish suspicious peers, what they can do is still limited.

Blockchain also came out at that time, and today there are many further applications like FileCoin.

Read the whitepaper, and you will find that FileCoin is based on PoS.

So more disk space you own, the more probability you are selected to verify a block and earn money.

Looks like capitalism, but we have no any other choice.

In this way, we can almost incentive anything, and bring capitalism to decentralized network, lol.

As you can see, Bitcoin is far more well-known than any decentralized network.

Decentralized network with private ownership against copyright and censorship